Woodworking Specialist Membership Offer:
Get Instant Access To Over
200 Woodworking Plans and New Plans in Your Email Every 2 Weeks!



Fellow Woodworker,


This membership is pretty straight forward... You will receive an email every 2 weeks containing a new set of woodworking plans. 

The very first set of plans, which you will receive immediately, is actually a 1600 page guide that contains 200+ plans.  (this alone is worth $20) 


I have discussed the problem with many of you regarding finding good quality woodworking plans for a reasonable price.   


I developed this membership to address that problem. The plans that you will receive every 2 weeks are hand picked by me.





Work Bench - 49 Pages of step-by-step instructions - Email #3




"Is This Going to Be for Everyone or Just Experienced Woodworkers?"


There will be a wide variety of plans at different skill levels. I will send furniture plans, toys, smalls, Outside plans, etc. (you can see a few examples on this page)                         


As the membership grows, I will work with tool manufactures and other resources to provide special offers not available to the general public.



Step-by-Step detailed Dining Chair Plan



My promise to you is that not only will you recieve woodworking plans every 2 weeks in your email but you will also get free anything additional I can get ahold of...Videos, Books, Tool deals, etc.



Step-by-Step detailed Shed Plan

"How Much Would You Expect To Pay For the Single Best Way To Get Woodworking Plans EVER?"


Many of you that have taken the survey picked $3-$5/month but I wanted to keep the membership as low as possible. So I have decided to offer the membership for only $2.95/month .


To join the membership, simply click the button below. You will be taken to paypal where you can pay either by paypal or any credit card. Make sure you then click continue to merchant site to enter your membership details.

You are paying for the membership. Everything that we provide you will be free.

Thank you and email me if you have any questions.